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Moving And Storage Services in KL, Penang & Johor

When you plan your home relocation, you would require storing your items in a safe and secure location depending upon a temporary or permanent move. It can be highly traumatic if things don’t go as planned, therefore, starting early on is the right option. Our storage service provides flexible options that can cater to any types of big and small items you would like to put away for a limited time. The facilities are weather-proof, free from pests and clean with a high standard of service. With an aim to minimize the stress that comes with moving your home relocation whether temporary or permanent, we can help with a wide range of storage solutions that include:

  • Short-Term Storage

Perfect for a temporary or a short distance move, you can have your items stored for a few days or a couple weeks.

  • Long-Term Storage

Thoughts like “not sure how long I’ll require storage” can easily be addressed by our long-term storage option. It’s an option that is secure and wouldn’t break your budget. You can have your items stored for several weeks or months.

  • Shortage of Special Care Items

Since our warehouse team is trained to handle all types of items, your delicate and fragile items are safe and intact with us, be it fine china and glassware, store rugs, pianos, etc. Accessible to reasonable notification, your items will be protected by state-of-the-art security systems no matter how long they are placed there. All your items are securely monitored 24/7 and fully insured . Moreover, you receive a full inventory of your storage items that you can access with 24 hours. We give you the confidence that all of your items stay in the best possible condition with Mover Pro. Contact us today.

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