You found the new place and it’s all wonderful and exciting until the anxiety starts dripping in. How can you put all that at ease? 

Preparation is the key to a successful move. 

Below are the tips that can help you prepare for the best move.

  • Even if you hire a moving company, prepare a moving checklist to keep an account of what’s required to be done
  • Keep your phone book intact and give the van foreman your number (also an alternate number) so he can reach you
  • Don’t polish your wooden furniture prior to the moving day because the wood will condense when wrapped
  • Before 48 hours, defrost your refrigerator so the interior can dry. Towel dry plus wipe the interior with vanilla essence
  • Carefully think the new destination in terms of layout and size as to where you would like the furniture and other items to be placed. If space comes across as an issue, consider our storage solutions
  • Retain your pet’s veterinarian record
  • Talk to your mover for the risk and draw a comparative analysis of the insurance you would require
  • Remove bulbs before packing the lamps
  • Ensure all your items are tagged
  • Upon arrival at the new place, before plugging in your computer, let it acclimate itself to the room temperature
  • Put all the bare necessities like coffee, snacks, toilet paper, flashlight, can opener, paper plates etc., in a separate box so you can get it loaded at last and have it unloaded first
  • Let your pets relax the day before moving by asking a friend to watch them at their place

Last but not the least; don’t take it all on you. But leave things to the professionals and relax. Also, be sure to get a good night’s rest before the travel date.

Happy Moving!