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Moving furniture is a tough job that comes with risks to your health. It’s not just limited to you but others around you as well. Attempting to move heavy furniture items on your own is tricky and stressful. Therefore, hiring a professional mover is the right choice.

Our trained and expert team uses the right equipment and tools to move your furniture. The moving techniques they use ensure that your each and every furniture item is secure. Our specialists use skilled manpower to lift and carry your furniture. The crew is equipped with tools like ramps, dollies, straps, etc. that enable a safe move.

Since hardwood surfaces require special care and protection from potential scuffs, our skilled team packs your items using different techniques according to the size and type of the furniture. For example, for moving overstuffed and upholstered pieces of furniture, we include a special layer of protection. We normally use “stretch wrap” or plastic before loading them. In the same manner, items like your lampshades get packed inside cartons surrounded by protective material to keep it safe during transport.

We take much care when it comes to moving items through stairways and doorways.

With such precautionary measures, not just your furniture remains safe, but also the floor doesn’t get damaged or scratched i.e. we ensure the surface of your home is protected while moving the furniture in and out.

For your peace of mind, we make sure to use the best packing and moving techniques.

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